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EVERYONE over-buys.

Everyone, when they buy their first set of equipment, almost inevitably buys some items that do not fit their needs. Ultimately, those are traded off, usually at a loss of varying degrees.

So, my subject line: Everyone over-buys to an extent, more or less.

If I had known EXACTLY what I needed when I started, I could have bought what I needed for about $650 (7 calibers, 200 rounds per hour press) and lacked for NOTHING. As it is, I probably spent an extra $500, and that is surely because I am cheap and frugal and started my loading minimally and added gear slowly and carefully.

If you have more time than money (as I did when I started, as an enlisted Airman in 1975) or have more money than time, whatever conforms to your situation is best for you.

To drop over a grand on your first setup seems folly to me (in my frugal, cheap-o mind), but I will not judge it wrong. If you need to hit the ground running at full speed and have the wherewithal to do that, more power to you.

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