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Mistakes where made on both sides alright but who made the major mistake that ended up with himself getting shot?

When violence occurred. When the physical assault began.

Up until that point of physical assault there was nothing criminal about any of it and the result of all those mistakes before the physical assault could have still resulted in no one being harmed. It turned criminal when the physical assault began and all the physical evidence and eyewitness testimony shows who threw punches and who received punches.

Anyone here believe you could be on the ground being punched in the face and nose and have your head banged on concrete all the while not being able to get up or defend yourself in any physical way and have it not cross your mind you could be seriously hurt or killed?

Martin's attack was the main cause of the physical aspect of this conflict and the main cause of his own death.

Yes many choices from both sides lead there but until the physical attack began it didn't have to lead to anyone, not a single soul, being harmed.

The defense should have no problem driving that fact home to the jurors. All the evidence points to it and has been shown.

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