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Glenn, I normally respect your word or at least that it is you sharing your opinion and let that carry weight on its own.

In this thread you seem to have something of a vendetta against Zimmerman. I'm not sure if I'm reading you right or if you're just going really strong devil's advocate throughout the whole thing.

I'm confident most of us would tell the person "If somebody stalking you gets out of a truck, leave". There are some people who would say "I don't have to do that, I'll stand my ground" but I've seen those people get shut down by the majority of TFL'ers here. In fact, these posts are rarely ever entertained past "Know your state's laws, and even if you can shoot, do everything you can not to"

Most of us would have also said not to leave the truck, but most of us aren't neighborhood watch members in a neighborhood where there have been many break ins and home invasions.

I think tactically he never should have left the truck, but once you've made a bad decision and things go bad fast (as most people seem to expect won't happen to them), what are you to do? Swallow your mistake while somebody beats you to death?
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