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Zimmerman told LE his red jacket came up in the fight which exposed his Kel-Tec PF9 9x19mm(ammunition unknown). By GZ's account, Trevon Martin saw the pistol in a Unkle Mikes IWB nylon holster & snarled; "Im going to kill you, mother ____!"
So, to go wild eyed speculative. You are walking down the street, minding your own business - a brave TFL'er. A stranger stalks you and then gets out of his truck and gets in your face. A fight starts (who knows how) but the stranger did start the confrontation. In the fight, you see he has a gun.

So if this were T and T and we didn't know the case - I'd bet dollars to donuts that many would go for clobbering him or if you were armed - shooting him first. We shut down blood lust all the time. We would say that if the guy got out of the truck, you should run for your life. Then one of you would say - stand your ground, I don't take crap, blah,blah.

BTW, about getting on top of someone with dojo-fu. Take a knife class that teaches escapes with blades. You will be surprised. Watch all the trainers and folks through such with knives on both sides. What are they for? Much easier escapes than the twisting happy dragon move.

Now we have testimony that Zim is physical dough-boy. Huh, flabby man - stay in the truck.
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