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Inv Soreno, the investigation, GZ, ....

There are a few points to get straight here on TFL...
I, for one, never stated GZ was "aggressive" or "started to fight with" Martin.
I think Zimmerman said or did something that made Martin acknowledge him.
As posted, I think Martin's documented THC/drug content may have affected his judgement & rational thinking skills. It seems strange that he'd circle back around in the light rain to engage GZ again rather than return to the condo(house).
GZ's injuries & the witness testimony of the HOA residents who called 911 seem to support the account of Martin on top of GZ in a "ground & pound" rage, raining blows onto him.
Zimmerman told LE his red jacket came up in the fight which exposed his Kel-Tec PF9 9x19mm(ammunition unknown). By GZ's account, Trevon Martin saw the pistol in a Unkle Mikes IWB nylon holster & snarled; "Im going to kill you, mother ____!"
That's when GZ drew the 9mm, fired one round into the center of Martin's hoodie type pullover.
Zimmerman also claims Martin rolled off him, sat up & said; "okay, you got me" then fell over & died.

Id add that Inv Soreno(who at first wanted to put criminal charges on GZ) made a valid point about GZ's actions. He, as a trained criminal investigator, can make those remarks if questioned about it by a lawyer.
As for GZ being a "representative" or "poster-boy" for 2A supporters/concealed license holders, I disagree. Nationwide, there are events or use-of-force cases, where a armed citizen or security officer is convicted. Some, like the Harold Fish incident in AZ are worth scrutiny but many others are just armed citizens who displayed poor judgement or bad choices.
I'm not in their camp or supporting them if convicted in open court.
Massad Ayoob & his monthly columns document legal cases from all over the US, showing how or why a armed citizen gets a guilty conviction.

As posted, there are no "winners" in this tragic event. If GZ is cleared, it will show the jury agreed it was a self-defense shooting.
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