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All we have is Zim's self-serving account as to the initiation of the incident.
That, and a whole bunch of ear/eye/audio/timeline evidence supporting his story almost 100%.

Between the state's 30-some witnesses and the defense's half a dozen or so. one would think a pattern of deception would begin to emerge if there was one. The only version of events I have seen so far that is antithetical to common sense is the one espoused by the state.

The state would have us believe, and continues to argue against all common sense, that it was Martin screaming for his life on the 911 call for whole minute while sustaining no injuries whatsoever save the single GS wound and the scraped-up knuckles. How on earth is a jury to trust the state when it is asking them to swallow this whopper?

If George had told but one lie of such gigantic proportions, the state would properly suggest we should disregard his entire story. But it is the state, not Zimmerman, who are the richly deserving recipients of this Pinnocchio award.

By the way, one plausible explanation of why Zimmerman's account is self-serving is that it seems to be true.
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