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To be clear I'm not suggesting every gun owner needs a vault. Couldn't hurt tho : ) huh?

But this guy is asking about an abnormal situation of a lot of high dollar firearms that he intends to make known. Firearms that unusual criminals might be interested in.

That's an out of the ordinary security conundrum and might need to addressed as such.

I've seen commercial safes worked on with hand tools for hours overnight, for a measly $2000 cash. Criminals might not be so smart but some are very determined.


My Mom's house could be overrun by Gengis Khan, or ransacked by a hoard of crack head tweekers and they would never find the firearms. No locks and no safe but invisible unless you know. Somebody already mentioned it, but if you can't find it you can't pawn it. Dad thought it out well and it works.

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