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I can tell you, the stuff is wretched for storing guns. I treated a 1911 with it, and when I pulled it from the safe two months later, the action was gummed up something awful.
Ive havent encountered that with FrogLube (so far), but I have with some others, specifically Eezox, which I was using pretty much exclusively as a finish up to cleaning a few years back. I rarely use it now, except for things I want to "rust proof".

I suspect as with many things, people tend to over do it when applying stuff, and not just FrogLube. I think thats what gave WD40 such a bad rap. I dont leave the gun loaded with the stuff, just a slightly "wet" look when done. I wipe all the excess off the outside with one of the supplied towels, and so far, so good.

As far as the heat thing, early on, on the bottles they recommended you leave the gun in direct sunlight awhile, or use a hair dryer to warm it up before using FrogLube, but the last four of five bottles Ive bought show no mention of it. The last time I was there, their web site had one sentence recommending heating it just for long term storage. I did heat them at first, but no longer bother, and have had no troubles not doing it.
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