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Maybe you're basing that on antecdodal evidence or just what seems right to you.

I've seen quite a few safes hauled away. Usually when there was evidence of decent valuables inside. They usually end up empty, in a body of water.

A safe isn't hard to move for anybody with a shred of knowledge/ability. Some crooks have a little of both.

May not apply in your case, as I said police coverage is nonexistent in my part of the desert mountains till after the fact. Your mileage may vary quite a bit in NY state.
No cell service, poor phone service ( ), lot's of power outages but a great view. Plus I have a range in the back yard. Just don't count on anybody else to protect your property.


It doesn't take "dynamite, a backhoe and three days" to breach any safe. That's just over the top silly. A cat that's been to welding school in the penetentiary can spend $500 or less in tooling and be in a safe within minutes without causing undue alarm.
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