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Right, the OP's first words were:

"So I am planning to buy a significant amount of NFA machine guns".

A "significant amount" will easily reach into multiple millions. if he's exagerating, it's still several 100k's.

He than says that he is going to advertise those significantly high dollar firearms to the world.

Paint a target on the old forehead tactic.

Most folks don't need to worry about it, just common thievery. Machineguntony has bigger issues.

The common firearm owner also needs to put his/her firearm storage out of sight tho imo. Even more so. Run of the mill house burglers can't take it if they don't see it. Even homeowners with poor to medium amateur carpentry skills can easily hid the "safe" over a weekend for not much money.

My take on it.


The OP isn't talking about "normal conditions" as you say.
Theoretically, your security only has to survive until cops show up. Where I live (the last 21 years) cops don't come out unless an injury accident or a fatality has occured. On a really slow night you "might" get a sheriffs deputy out here after calling but can't count on it.
My security is all mine. An alarm system isn't any use to some of us, really good for other circumstances.
You just have to evaluate the situation at hand, and what's on the line in a residential burglary.

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