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I find it odd that a lot of people make a big to do about being a minor.

Zimmerman didn't have time to check Martin's age when he was being attacked. He didn't say "Let me see your ID" when he was being straddled. There was no way to know if a large male at dark was 16 or 25. I find it hard to believe that the trial should be handled differently if he was 17 and 364 days vs. 18 and a day.

I'm a 17 year old and I know my peers doing things that maybe should've gotten them shot. I knew a kid who confessed to breaking into 30 homes in my neighborhood over the course of a summer. And this is a "nice" neighborhood with a big community pool and 40 foot water slide and landscaping and a security force with a gated community where we have a small town "look out for each other" mentality. Looking back I wonder if this kid knew he could be forfeiting his life by stealing peoples' garage door openers and getting in when he thought they weren't home.

Let me tell you, at 5'6" and 110 lbs., if I straddle somebody and start ground and pounding them I'll not be surprised if they shoot me. When I was practicing I could hold top mount on somebody 50 pounds heavier than me who was also training in Jiu-Jitsu. They also don't even allow strikes to the top of the head in ground and pound attacks in UFC. In a street fight there's no referee to say "OK, you can mount him, but no hitting the top or back of the head and no slamming it into concrete".

That's not to say that some members here don't have good points about questioning the fact that Zimmerman is a shining hero of self defense, but the "unarmed minor" line confuses me.
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