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Just a detail...

Originally Posted by Wogpotter
The Geologist faking samples for Dr No sneaks into the mountaintop villa where Bond is waiting for him. He fires 5 rounds from a 1911 Colt & bond says "Thats a Smith & Wesson & you've had your 5". The 1911 goes *click* & bond kills him with the supressed PPK.
In all fairness, when the aforementioned geologist shot the lump on the bed six times, the pistol slide locked open. However many rounds it might hold in theory, it was empty. Of course, that didn't prevent the geologist from pointing the pistol at Bond and dropping the hammer on an empty chamber. (Slide now closed again.)

One of the other great goofy gun lines was in the movie "Man With the Golden Gun", after Scarmanga challenges Bond to a shoot out wherein Scaramanga would use his custom built (by Colibri, the cigarette lighter people) single shot pistol against Bond with his PPK, Bond replies, "My six bullets against your one?"

I suppose everyone knows all handguns hold six rounds, right?

Oh. In the book, the Man With the Golden Gun, Paco Scaramanga carried a gold plated Colt Single Action Army in .45 Colt. (Gold plating has been used on handguns as a non-tarnishing finish, back before some of the modern finishes.) For some reason, a gold plated SAA wasn't 'sexy' enough. I still shake my head about that.
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