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As a gun ower, concealed carrier, and 2A activist, I am not thrilled with Zimmerman's choices that night.

That said, Glenn speculates that maybe "Zim" flashed his gun.

Others speculate that Zimmerman aggressively approached Martin.

Still others say that Zimmerman initiated the fight.

The thing is, and this is not my speculation but fact introduced into evidence in the case, Martin's ONLY injuries, aside from the fatal GSW, were abrasions to his knuckles consistent with beating Zimmerman.

So, if Zimmerman initiated a physical confrontation, he was horribly ineffective up until the point the gun was fired.

To me, that, plus the testimony of Good, indicate that Martin was most likely the initial physical aggressor.

And, as others have noted, asking somebody what they are doing - if that even happened - is not tantamount to assault.

Last, Brent maintains that teens have an innate fear of adults, and Glenn says we can't make assumptions about Martin's attitudes or the influence "gansta culture" may have had on Martin's thinking.

To that:

Brent, Martin at time of his death was the same size and weight I was as a high school junior, and of similar build. I was a wrestler in high school, and would not have feared a soft looking type like Zimmerman - which in this case could well have got me shot.

Glenn, have you not read any of the accounts of Martin's online photos, record of fighting and drug use, etc? He may not have been a real gangsta, but he certainly seemed to admire and aspire to the lifestyle.
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