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DruidKing Currently I have residency in both NY and in kentucky. Everyone knows NY is much more restrictive. I am looking to purchase a rifle to keep at my home in Kentucky, but I only have a NY drivers license. Would a lease or an electric bill be considered acceptable proof of residency? I spend a bit more time in NY so I would rather just keep my NY drivers license. What other proof of residency is considered acceptable for purchasing a rifle?
No, the documents that would serve as "alternate documentation" proving residency must be government issued.
Read these:

Instructions in the Form 4473:

Garycw You have to have ky drivers license to purchase handguns. Although I believe I was told once that a state I'd would work too. For that you would need the utility bills to get.
Not true. ANY "government issued photo ID" is acceptable. A buyer with multiple states of residence doesn't need a photo ID from each state, only the alternate documentation if the government issued photo ID does not show the current state of residence.

Utility bills would only be acceptable as alternate documentation if they were from a government entity.

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