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With extremely wealthy people (Soros, Bloomberg) putting literally billions of dollars into the movement to ban privately owned guns, and the current administration favoring rigid gun control, we are going to see more fake "pro-gun" organizations, and other forms of propaganda supporting "reasonable" gun laws and denouncing the NRA as a tool of the gun manufacturers.
I agree. However, their goal is not really to attract legitimate gun owners to build any kind of organization. They fill their rosters with enough fake members so that when there is a story about 2nd Amendment or proposed gun legislation, the antis can send press releases to the media who are all too happy to present the "two sides" of the gun debate from the perspective of gun owners. On one side you have the NRA. On the other side you have groups like this one with an "alternative view". What gets conveniently left out is fact that 1) the NRA dwarfs the insignificant shill gun group and 2) there is no reporting on the fake shill being just a covert arm of the gun-banners. This is an old tactic called moral relativism where the media "innocently" gives both groups equal weight in the way report a story.

Perhaps some have noticed that when I see someone engaging in moral relativism, by saying something like "Yeah, XYZ group has some kooks, but ABC group has its share of kooks too", I tend to go on the attack. I have seen the antis and others use this tactic in a very calculated manner.

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