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I am at the risk of covering Bill's question....

But lemme wade in....

I am personally very gratified that you recommend taking the nipples out when cleaning. I have always done it your way. I think this grows from the belief that apart from the barrel on the Remington and the arbor on the Colt there are no two parts of a pistol that should not come apart easily.

I don't use the Ballistol and water solution but I think I might give it a try.

My personal cleaning regimen begins with a rather liberal douching with Remoil at the range right after shooting.

Then a bath in soap water with the revolver's disassembled as you describe.

I use some brushes that I buy from Harbor Freight for a song. There are several different sizes. The smallest works well for the nipple holes in the cylinder and for the cylinder pin hole in the cylinder on a Remington.

The larger ones work real well for the barrel and chambers.

Then oil the parts down for reassembly as you show us in the video.

I wanted to end by renewing Bill's question about focusing your video.

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