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1. How about all the movies where we must see close-ups of slides being racked before going into battle or killing someone? Wouldn't it have been wiser to take care of that beforehand? In a few movies, I've actually seen them racking the slides more then once before the fight just in case we didn't think it was cool enough the first time, which in reality would have just ejected the unfired shell.

2. How about guns being fired inside of enclosed vehicles without the slightest flinching or concern about hearing damage?

3. How about lever-action rifles and other gun types being used in certain Westerns many years before they were ever invented? Or the people in Westerns shooting their revolvers in a forward, throwing motion, as if doing that will somehow make the bullet come out harder?

4. How about the double-barreled shotgun that can fire the mysterious, third shot?

5. How about a hit from a .357mag sending some poor hapless soul 15 feet clear across and into a swimming pool?

6. How about the guys with the two 1911's in his hands who can always hit spot-on while doing amazing acrobatics in the air or rolling along the ground?

7. How about that episode of Columbo (or was it Cannon?), where he takes out a helicopter with his .38spl snubbie?

Yes, Hollyweird is really quite sad. The best thing we can do is to turn off the TV and go out and shoot some more!

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