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I have been using for about 6 months on my personal FAs and am by no means an expert. I find that it lubes well for daily carry. Coating the inside and out provides good protection and easy cleaning. In AZ sweat and dust are prime concerns. Easy wipe down and provides lube sufficient for combat use. No evidence of any sweat damage to metal parts of FA.

Although it is not intended to be supplemented with any other lube, I nonetheless put a little lube /hinge grease on my friction points if going to the range for an extended shooting session. Same for my expensive Trap guns, I use Frog Lube all over, but still put hinge grease on the pivot points. I think I would do this for all my FAs if shooting them at the range or in competition for high volume sessions.

The key to frog lube is to heat up the firearm and apply to all surfaces while warm using a heat gun or hair drier. They say you only have to do this the first time. Be careful heating up your glock or other like guns so you do not warp the plastic. I heat the inside metal parts just enough to melt the lube and then wipe all clean once dry.

The stuff worked well in Afghanistan to keep enough lube on weapons but not make it a sand magnet.
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