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Thank you, Theo.

I don't see how that is odd, either. I think that I am being prudent and responsible.

I am currently waiting on my stamps, and in the meantime, I am prepping by buying accessories, stocking on reloading components, and getting a safe. Heck my Dilln 650 is sitting in my room in pieces. I'm still waiting for Sears to deliver my bench.

I am sure these are other questions that other members or readers may have. I did a search and nothing came up. And if you read all my posts, you'll see that I freely admit to being out of date on my info. Forums like this are a great source of knowledge.

Hey Brian, are you in Pflugerville, Texas? If so, we should meet up at Best of West and shoot our machine guns when mine come in!

And those safes at Cabelas look just like the liberty safes. I'm going to do some more research.

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