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Belt fed ammo questions

I must confess that I know absolutely nothing about belt fed ammo. A google search yields nothing.

I am thinking of buying a belt fed upper for my HK machine gun lower. I was told the mr566 would fit onto a MP5 lower. I'm just playing with my soon to be new toys.


Specifically, is the belt reloadable or does the belt disintegrate? I don't want to shoot factory ammo, so can I make my own reloads then buy the belts? Can I buy noncloth belts that don't disintegrate and can be reloaded?

Where do I buy the belts? I searched every conceivable term, and no place that sells ammo belts comes up.

I can imagine that if the belt disintegrates, so that it can't be used again, I am going to abandon my plan to buy the belt fed upper. That'd be way too expensive to shoot it, plus, it'd be a pain to buy, as it can't be found anywhere.
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