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Ruger GP series....

The Ruger GP .357magnum is a top-rated DA(double action) revolver.
I owned a new in box Ruger GPNY(a factory run of stainless DA only 4" barrels for the New York City PD).

You can clean it with a CLP, Brownells, LPX, Gunzilla, Ballistol.
A .38spl +P or +P+ can be a great home defense round or you can buy a .357magnum.
Id look at the MagSafe or Glaser Safety Slug for home protection. Some gunners do not like frangibles or pre-fragmented defense rounds but I think they have merit.

Always you factory made ammunition for defense. No reloads or hand-loads.
There is a Crimson Trace laser-grip for the Ruger GP revolver too.

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