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Brian, the bolts to the ground, that's a good idea.

But without the bolts, someone could absolutely make off with the safe. Did you see the video with the guy, moving the 800 pound safe all by himself upstairs?

As far as hiding it, I'm not concerned about hiding the safe. I'm. Ot going to share the combo. I'm more concerned about someone knowing that I have machine guns in the house (because a friend of a friend, who I took to the range heard about it), they come in, see the safe, and take the whole dam safe.

Maybe I'm being paranoid, yes. But better safe than sorry.

This is all new territory to me, and I'm sure other people have thought of these concerns previously.

Btw, I haven't seen a five figure safe for home use. I went to cabelas and the biggest safe I saw was like $3000. I intend to buy a big safe, yes.
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