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Protecting and securing your machine guns from theft

So I am planning to buy a significant amount of NFA machine guns.

I don't want to keep the safe downstairs bc it would be pretty easy to put the safe on a dolly and make off with it. I imagine this would be easy to do. Thinking like a thief, if I saw a big safe, I would immediately make a plan to come get it. If its on the first floor, someone could bring a dolly, and make off with it in less than five minutes, and then crack it at their home (which with a drill, mallet, and chisel is pretty easy). Upstairs, at least they would have a battle, and most burglars want to get in and out quick.

And since I don't plan on being a hermit about my guns, I am going to take my girlfriend and friends shooting. While I trust my girlfriend and friends as much as possible, I am sure they will say stuff like, 'wow yesterday I shot some of my friends machine guns', and an undesirable person may hear and think bad thoughts.

Essentially, I am going to have some very valuable and compact (ie, very stealable) items in my house. This makes me a bigger target for theft and burglaries. I am sure this is true for all of us who own or will own machine guns.

So I am going to buy one of those big 800-1000 pound safes and put it in my second floor.


What do you guys do to secure your NFA items?

How about if you have multiple NFA items? I am sure having one gun at $30,000 is way less of a risk than having 20 guns at $30,000 each.

Check out this video of this guy moving a large safe upstairs

What kind of dolly is he using? I think I will be needing that dolly.

Btw, I had a friend who had a $150,000 Rolex stolen from his house. I asked him what he does now for his valuables, and he says he keeps certain things in a bank safe deposit box, or he just doesn't buy small and hyper expensive items anymore. I don't think a bank vault is an option for multiple guns. And it makes it highly inconvenient, and not as enjoyable to use a bank vault. I mean, what if I get a last minute hankering to go shooting on a friends farm at midnight or on Sunday? Sorry, bank is closed.

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