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Newfrontier45, I am in agreement with you.

I have built things from various materials, fabricated steel and wood and done so for years. I never want to need to rebuild or build something the second time because of defects.

Worked as a mechanic for some years at the grounds shop of Washington State University. We used a lot of Toro products which were really quite good.

However, on one particular piece of equipment that we used a lot of, a 21" rotary walk behind mower there was a spot or two that always broke and required welding repair. To the point where I would take brand new mowers from the box and before they ever went out for use, I welded those points of breakage.

I spoke to an area rep about the situation and volunteered to show them the problem and how to cure it at the factory.

His answer, "we know it." When ask why it was not done correctly at the factory his reply was, "its called Value Engineering."

Well, I am not one that likes, "value engineering" and therefore have zero problems with a rivet at a stress point but do have problems with stitching or leather which fails due to stress beyond what the material should be expected to handle over the LONG term!

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