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the 357 Sig is loud, jumps somewhat in your hand, tough on the gun and the ammo is expensive. It is a great round with allot of potential but it's not for everyone.
And what round is for everyone? .22 lr.?

Look gang, even .38s are loud with no hearing protection. Even a .38 'jumps somewhat' from an ultra light weight J frame. Tough on a gun? Well so is the .40, .357 magnum, .45 ACP, etc.... 9mm is tough on micro sized guns to!

The trick is to pick the most powerful gun/ammo combination that you can control, shoot accurately, and actually carry every day.

That might be a 9mm sub-compact, S&W J .38/.357, 1911 .45, etc... just depends on the individual and what their situation is.

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