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This is the thing, our own government got us involved in it, and now, they're going to leave the citizens left holding the bag, for what they have allowed to be done, and that's not right.
Sadly, this happens with guns with some regularity here in the US where a gun is lost or stolen, reported, changes hands behind the scenes one or more times and eventually ends up resurfacing and the current "owner" has no knowledge that the gun is stolen. He often doesn't get his money back, but if he does, it is from the person who sold it to him.

With that said, you don't know that the government has allowed anything to be done. GIs have smuggled back contraband booty and souvenirs from numerous wars.

It was pointed out that there's no proof that the gun came over legally, but there's no proof that it was illegal either, and the owner says it was legal. It's up to the US Government or Poland to prove otherwise, but I will not say the owner is lying about it. However, if it was legal, as claimed, then who owes who? How can it be the fault of the owner? How does he regain his money if it was our own governments fault?
Of course Gaisor says it was legal, LOL. That does not mean that it is. Poland says otherwise. All Poland has to do is to say that they never sold the guns to the general public and that the gun is one of their military pieces and then you have a gun that is theirs. Germany had no right to it and if Germans took it and it was taken by an American, then the American had no right to it either.

The only fault of the current owner is being the one left holding the proverbial bag. As noted in the pattern above, he is an unwitting victim. He doesn't get his money back unless he can get it back from the seller from the 1990s when he purchased it. There are some risks in dealing with used property.
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