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According to what has been revealed so far, the gun was brought here, legally, just as any other weapon or war trophy that was captured, and was made legal by the US Government.
No. According to what has been revealed so far, the provenance is unknown.

From the OP's article...

Gasior said he bought the rifle legally in 1993 from another collector, paying $9,500 for what he considered “probably the best piece of my personal collection.”

The case is not one that will be easily decided. Gasior, himself a sort-of Polish firearms expert, said his research shows the weapon was most likely issued to Polish soldiers during World War II, then taken by Germans.
In short, Gasior can't vouch for the weapon being what you consider to be a legal spoil of war. So your repeated claims that this is somehow made legal are not substantiated. Gasior as a nicely fabricated scenario with no documentation.
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