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"spoils of war" are, by definition AND international treaty, stolen property.

"Last, why doesn't Poland want any other weapons back"

That's been more than amply explained. Try reading the Polish complaint again.

But, what it comes down to is that you'd be perfectly fine with someone kicking in your door, throwing a personal declaration of war against you on your coffee table, and taking a bunch of your stuff.

THEN I go to your next door neighbor and sell him your most prized (insert bauble here). He buys it in good faith, thinking that I legitimately own the object. The third party bought property stolen from you but all of a sudden POOF! Its provenance is now magically legitimate and you are screwed AND out of luck because what once was stolen... isn't.

Very.... curious.

Where do you live? I could use a new stove, and I have these great declarations of war that I downloaded from the internet...

As has been repeatedly explained, stolen property doesn't gain legitimate status just because it has passed through a third party's hands, someone who bought it in good faith.
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