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A slightly upset old phart

in the latest issue, which i do not have nearby, the editorial about hoarding and training touched off an angry moment for me, long before this ammo and reloading component "shortage" come about i was buying ammo and components for that "just in case" scenario, when a "good deal" or "sale" came about i thought it prudent to "stock up".., so let's just say i am well supplied, then come the training part, THAT has always struck me the wrong way.., why ? i am 75 Y.o., with two bad knees, a titanium neck, two heart stents, other old minor injuries, i spent 25 years in the military, i know how to shoot accurately out to 500 yds. if NEEDED, i also know how and what to shoot indoors if NEEDED.

"training" may be necessary for the kids, but give us older folks a break and suggest a few "tips" from time to time what a crippled up old fart can do to improve our chances of survival, IF we ever need to defend our homes and loved ones from a home invasion, personally i believe i am well equipped for such a scenario with alarms, security lights, cameras, etc.

ooooh ! i very rarely ever go to "town" but when i do a carry two pieces.

that's all, thank you for letting me vent !!
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