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The Walther is a 32...the Beretta was a 380...
Fraid not. The Beretta was a .25 so the 7.62 (.32) walther was a bigger cartridge!
Other JB gungoofs:
Dr No:
The Geologist faking samples for Dr No sneaks into the mountaintop villa where Bond is waiting for him. He fires 5 rounds from a 1911 Colt & bond says "Thats a Smith & Wesson & you've had your 5". The 1911 goes *click* & bond kills him with the supressed PPK.

Live & let die:
On Quarrel Jr's boat Rosy sneaks up behind Quarrel when Bond is fishing off the stern & points the Smith Distingushed Combat Magnuim at his back. Bond says She's not competent, but she has other redeeming features. If only she'd remembered to take the safety catch off"!
Allan Quatermain: “Automatic rifles. Who in God's name has automatic rifles”?

Elderly Hunter: “That's dashed unsporting. Probably Belgium.”

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