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"I find myself wondering how many "Polish National Treasures" were removed to Stalin's Russia...and how many Russia of today will send back to Poland."

As far as I know, Russia is not a signatory to the treaty that is being invoked.

Russia HAS repatriated a few items, but very likely only a miniscule amount of what they actually overran.

"will Norway declare the Norwegian Colt 1911 my Dad brought home from the war a national treasure? After is dated 1929, and no doubt was "stolen" by the krauts before my Dad recovered it. I suppose Dad should have notified the nearest Norwegian embassy he had their pistol."

Or my Polish Radom?

In both cases, the answer is likely no.

In the case of your Colt, it's not a Norwegian national treasure. It wasn't designed by a Norwegian, it's not particularly rare or valuable, and after WW II the Norwegians released thousands into the surplus market.

Same with my Radom, even though it was designed by two Poles. Thousands were manufactured, to the point where the Poles eventually released them into the surplus market.

That's not the case with this rifle. It's incredibly rare.

Don't get me wrong. I really do feel for this guy in Virginia.

But, after having studied art for years, and having more than a passing familiarity with how World Wars I and II (especially WW II) resulted in nations being looted wholesale, I also understand where the Polish government is falling on this.
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