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Re: Talk Me Into A Glock 19

Originally Posted by kcub View Post
I dont care for the 19. I'd rather have the g26 for concealment and yes, less recoil.

I'd rather have the g17 for fullsize/high cap.
The G26 has less recoil than the 19?...

If I had to choose only two 9mm glocks (which I have) then I would take the G34 because it gives a slightly longer sight radius than the G17, and the G19 because it offers more capacity than the G26, is easier to control, and is just as easy to conceal. The 26 really is not much smaller than the 19, and few people who try both will give the 26 a clear advantage for conceal carry. It is still too big for pocket carry, and if you are going to go IWB then you might as well take the gun with a little more capacity and controllability.

If I had to choose only one Glock.... It would be my Glock 19.
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