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Talk Me Into A Glock 19

Originally Posted by TheGunGuy View Post
Nobody's excited here friend. You stated there are more accurate pistols than a Glock. It is your opinion. Plenty of pistols, including Glocks are plenty accurate out of the box. Baring major flaw or defect, they will be infinitely more accurate than the shooter.

Originally Posted by TheGunGuy View Post
Seriously... More accurate guns out there? Aren't Glocks, along with several other manufacturers used by competitive shooters? If YOU are not accurate with a Glock - that's one thing. But how can you seriously say as a generalization they are not accurate?
I agree x10.

Some people don't like the "grip angle". I never understood that. What I can attest to is when I went with SIG's for a while then went back to Glock, Glock felt different in my hands. Go out and shoot it and you'll forget what the word different means. When you drive a truck then get into a car or car to truck doesn't that feel different too? Do you just say "screw it" I need to do the natural thing that humans do every day in life anyways (adjust and adapt) to have this gun?

Obviously the OP is trying to find out what all the fuss is about. I think he should. Heck that's what I did. That's what a lot of people who swear by Glock did. Look where they are now.

As for the "accuracy" lol that makes me laugh. What ever happened to unbiased opinions?
"It's not accurate in my hands" would work just fine. You're used to something else I guess. Happens. Took me 1 range session and 1 training class to get used to my Glock the way I wanted to, as a defensive pistol.

Also, what's to stop you from adding the same parts that make a Glock 17L or 34 (which are mainly competitive pistols) into a Glock 19? You have that option too. It'd be silly but you can.

Seriously one of the cheapest guns to maintain.

• easy to maintain
• not high maintenance
• lightweight
• "grip angle" helps with recoil due to being lightweight
• plenty of aftermarket parts and factory parts floating around the web
• expendable (although I'd still be upset)
• accurate (can be in anyone's hands if they want it to be)
• easy operation (just a mag release and slide stop)
• higher capacity than most
• so easy to find an armorer for

I can go on and on. Here are some pics. Lets lighten up

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