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Re: Talk Me Into A Glock 19

Originally Posted by SHE3PDOG View Post
If you want a range toy, don't get a GLOCK because there are more accurate guns out there. If you want a self-defense, you can consider it if its what floats your boat, but if you are uncomfortable with it for whatever reason, there are better guns in the world. If you want a gun that works reliably in places where you are bound to get your sidearm dirty, scratched, or in otherwise unpleasant circumstances, but don't want to ding an expensive gun, consider a GLOCK. Its pretty cheap for a decent quality gun, and I wasn't too heart broken when mine started acquiring scratches.
Seriously... More accurate guns out there? Aren't Glocks, along with several other manufacturers used by competitive shooters? If YOU are not accurate with a Glock - that's one thing. But how can you seriously say as a generalization they are not accurate?
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