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Wasn't looking for a wheel gun until a pal talked me into trying GP100

We rented one at a range. It had a 4" barrel, and my 10 year old boy *loved* shooting the .357 ammo. It might have been a light target/range round, but a soft .357 is going to kick all kinds of ass over a lot of other rounds!

All 4 of us in the group shot it well (except my boy, who doesn't shoot anything well yet ) We all loved the trigger in DA and in SA. I'm not a strong guy and I could shoot it one-handed Bullseye style.

Just a pleasingly beefy gun. Smooth smooth smooth. Like buttah gliding on ball bearings or something.

I do think you should rent it for a trial run at a range session.

It's now on the list. Maybe a S&W 686 instead if I find one first, but the GP100 is all the gun I need. I don't know if I'd ever carry it, but if you aren't thinking in those terms, it's a great firearm.
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