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Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Get one...I have gone through so many guns for CCW and I've finally settled for the past year on a Glock 19 and I haven't looked back since.

Small enough to carry and big enough to take with you OWB as a secondary.

I've never had a malfunction with mine. My cousin hasn't with his. I know plenty in MDPD Narcotics that carry the 17, 19, or 26. And same with those.

I have a ton of holsters for mine. Magazines. Spare parts. They're so easy to work on and parts are so easy and cheap to find. There isn't a part on my Glock that I can't change myself. Nope, I'm not a Glock armorer either lol.

Very, very, very reliable. I haven't done anything to mine but change the sights to Trijicon HD's. The triggers are great with an awesome reset. Very audible. If you're spoiled by 1911 triggers, then it'll take a bit of getting used to, but it will and can happen. Same goes for the feel of the grip if it ever did bother you. You NEED to shoot it. Trust me.

Mine has been through rain, sand, dirt, salt water, (see location) you name it. Never had an issue with it.

I have a TLR-1 attachment that usually stays on at night for CCW either IWB or OWB. And of course, on the night stand as well. Normal holsters IWB and OWB also for the day time.

I have it loaded with Corbon DPX's 95gr or 115gr. I usually carry 1-2 spare magazines. I haven't bought another gun since I got my Glock 19. My Glock 17 is currently being let to a friend of mine since his gun is out of service. I have a 21 and 22 as well. Used to have a 34 (miss it so much) and 27. I have SIG's and Hk. 1911's and BHP's. They're all great guns.

However day in and day out my Glock 19 is my main "go to" gun.

15+1 rounds at my disposal. I'm great with it. Under stress training and plinking long to short distance.

Get the Glock 19. You won't be disappointed. Plus, worst case scenario. You can always sell it for the same you bought it for or a little less. (due to current times)

Massive amount of aftermarket and factory parts sold everywhere. I have a LoneWolf Ported barrel for mine, just for fun.

Glock 19 gen3 or gen4. You'll love them both. (Mine is a gen3)
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