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I've thought about buying a Glock for more than six years but never have. None of them felt right to me. The 19, however, seems to feel different to me for some reason, not quite as chunky in the hand. And, as good firearms go, $499 seems like a decent price.
"How long will you waver between two opinions?"

Six years? And I thought I overthought these decisions. Maybe you should just decide right now you won't get it. Contentment is a virtue.

I want the folks that shoot guns like the SA XD series, 1911s, Ruger 22/45s, etc., and shoot them well, to convince me that the Glock grip angle isn't that big of a deal and can be overcome with ease.
That is the case. They are not difficult to adjust to.

If you decide they're not right for you, it should be easy enough to find a home for.
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