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Here is why:

1) It shoots well. It is not a target 1911. If you want a target gun, then buy a target gun.
2) There are no sharp edges on the gun anywhere (unless you install aftermarket items). Your hands will appreciate this during a defensive pistol course.
3) One $25 book, a roll of duct tape, Glock Tool (or standard punch), front sight tool and rear sight tool are all that are needed to work on them. Maintenance is often overlooked by shooters, but it's very important if you do not want to spend $84 for overnight shipping via FedEX plus gunsmithing fees and months of waiting. Glock pistols are very easy to work on unless something is wrong with the slide, frame or barrel. Many issues can be fixed by dropping in a few low priced parts. This is a big deal for me.
4) $75 in spare parts and springs will keep your Glock going for awhile.
5) The magazines are very durable so long as you don't drop them fully loaded. They are easily rebuilt with under $10 in parts.
6) The Glock 19 is still the best balance between slide length, sight radius, magazine capacity, width, weight, height and reliability (YMMV depending upon generation and what you do to it) currently available. I keep trying other guns in 9x19mm and always go back to it.
7) If you end up hating it, you should be able to sell it for close to the purchase price (so long as it looks new). They're very popular and sell easily.

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