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LOL! Joe, before you do anything, check out the Ruger SR9. It's quite a bit slimmer than the G19 and still built stronger. It's easier to carry than a G19 any day of the week while having 17 round mag. capacity. If it's not small enough, the SR9c certainly will be. I've been through all of the poly frame pistols and was pretty well convinced that the XDm was the best of the breed until Ruger offered to sell me a replacement SR9 because I had sent them a P-89 I had bought used and it needed some work. Since they don't continue to support the alloy framed P-series, they made me an excellent offer on the SR9. A month later I said goodbye to my XDm 4.5 in .45 ACP and bought an SR45. After 300 rounds fired for break-in, you'll end up with the best factory trigger to be had in any poly-frame pistol. Then there's the added peace of mind that comes with its manual safety system. It also has the best sight system for me personally and they are adjustable.

When you consider the 2 most common pistol grip angles, think of all those based on JMB's research in developing his grip angle vs those based on Georg Luger's grip angle. Guess who got it right?
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