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Talk Me Into A Glock 19

Okay, I don't mean that you need to convince me that they are a reliable, combat accurate handgun that can take a licking and keep on ticking. I get that. I also don't need the fanboys to tell me that the mere holding of a Glock is a nearly mystical experience akin to holding a working Star Wars Lightsaber. I want the folks that shoot guns like the SA XD series, 1911s, Ruger 22/45s, etc., and shoot them well, to convince me that the Glock grip angle isn't that big of a deal and can be overcome with ease.

I've thought about buying a Glock for more than six years but never have. None of them felt right to me. The 19, however, seems to feel different to me for some reason, not quite as chunky in the hand. And, as good firearms go, $499 seems like a decent price.

I've spent the last year or so selling part of my collection, but for some reason I have always thought a person should own a Glock since it is such an iconic firearm. I'm not a fan of Gaston Glock since he seems to have a fair amount disdain for the people of the United States (at least that is what I have read about him), but the 19 keeps calling to me for some reason. I have no interest in any of the other models.
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