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I doub't very much that anyone would make new mosin nagants.

rotary and double stack box mags are more space efficient and make for easier loading.

the bolt is fairly simple but not any design that offers any advantage over the prevalent mauser style bolts of modern rifles.

the design calls for a buttstock that does not drop much below the the receiver and more weight up front, this helps prevent upward recoil impulse. however monte carlo or other sporting style stocks drop quite a bit lower than the receiver and remove a lot of weight from the muzzle. thereby creating a great bit of upward recoil impulse which is why a number of the people that go to ATI and boyds stocks claim that it increases recoil.

then there is the quote price.
$170 for a brand new rifle built on modern materials? even if the materials were donated I find it hard to believe that a company could build one for $170 no less sell it for that price. the Ruger american uses a very simple design and uses a lot of plastic to offset costs and still costs $350 to the general public.

I think someone's been selling you a pipedream duzell. I hope I'm wrong, I hope there really is a new, factory Mosin nagant inspired rifle that hopefully has better QC than the military rifles, already has that comes in a number of caliber options and comes already setup to accept a scope and is an affordable rifle but I just do not see any way of it happening.
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