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"The rifle in question, would not have been stolen, if it left with US military permission, like every other spoils or captured weapon, which more than likely, it very well did. Of course, Poland will swear it was stolen, but any government would, if they thought it would be handed back for free."

Did you read the Polish complaint, Dixie?

The Poles say that the rifle was illegally taken from their possession (stolen) by German soldiers who invaded in 1939.

At that point, the fact that the Americans recovered it from German possession is irrelevant. The Americans recovered stolen property.

Yes, they let it go, probably in good faith, but that doesn't invalidate the Polish claims of their property being stolen by the Germans.

Once again we go right back to the art analogy.

Once the Nazis overran a nation, they systematically looted its art treasures (both those held privately and those held in national collections) and either returned them to Germany as "property of the Reich" or sold them through neutral nations like Switzerland or Sweden.

After World War II some of those art treasures were even cleared to return to the United States with GIs because in a lot of cases neither the GIs nor the officers approving the transfer had a clue to the item's significance.

None of that changes the simple fact that the item in question was stolen property.
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