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"It's been gone for decades, no one cared."

Actually, if you read up on the very little history of this rifle, the Poles have cared QUITE A bit.

There's apparently one in a private collection in Germany that they've been trying to get for years.

"It's not like it was stolen from an individual that can't afford to buy it back or even from Bill Gates."

Why should that matter in the very least?

You go to Paris, and on a whim, you pocket the Eiffel Tower, come back and set it up in your back yard.

You didn't steal it from an individual, but you did steal it, the French are righteously ****** about it, and want it back.

Obviously France can pay you to return it. But why should the people of French pay part of their tax money to have returned to them something that is part of their cultural birthright?

There's the rub... You tried to remove people from the equation, but you simply can't.

When you say "Let Poland pay for it!" you're really saying "Let every hardworking Pole who pays taxes pay for it!"
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