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wore out eyes

my eyes are getting old i think, lined up 6 1" target dots on a paper at 25 yards they looked like an orange line without my glasses but with my glasses on my rear site kinda fuzzes out on the rifle. 6 shots with my glasses on i hit 2 and missed 1 high, took off my glasses shot 4 for 4 but could not realy make out the edges of the dots i was just shootin by knowledge of where the center should be, of course i can still blow holes all in a centermass torso target at 50 yards with my pistol or 150 with any of my rifles so im still good for man or dear sized game but that presision 2" shots at a 100 yards are not happening with out a scope any more :-(.
any ideal on how to make your rear sights clearer if you glasses are set up for distance or should i just give up and start using a scope on my rifles?
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