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Just be patient and it will show up eventually.
I waited quite a while to find this one - a Belgium make and imported by Turner Kirkland (his name on the barrel).

It really looked kinda cheap when I got it so in addition to the obligatory browning of the barrel and lock and after fire blueing the screws and sights, I actually polished the brass fittings.

Here a few gratuitous photos that TRULY showcase my (lack of) photographic skills!


And after

The pistol is a .40 and matches up close to my Tennessee Poorboy .40 flinter. Shoots the same patches and ball as the rifle. The lock is sure-fire and reasonably fast.

Need to tone down the trigger pull a bit but it really shoots with 25grs. of 3F and self primes too!
I will be replacing the .32 acp case on the end of the rod with a turned down .32 long.

Always looking for another,JT
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