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I think Doc has made an excellent suggestion in his second post . . . hang on to it for the "inner C & B child". I've shot BP for fifty some years . . . and not under the same circumstances that Doc describes but rather from thinking I was doing the right thing, I sold and disposed of some items from my "beginning years" that I wish I had back . . . just for nostalgia reasons. I still have my first muzzle loader that I ever bought - a Remington Zouave that I paid the enormous sum of $65.00 for . . . and I worked hard to get the money with my Dad helping out with a "loan" so I could get it. Every time I look at it, I think of my Dad . . . a "first" revolver, whether shot out or not, will always bring the pleasant memories back to you in later years. I'd hang it on the wall after you no longer feel comfortable with it as far as a shooter and save up for a steel frame - I'd vote for the '51 Navy such as Doc mentions . . . but then, I'm real partial to that particular model.
If a pair of '51 Navies were good enough for Billy Hickok, then a single Navy on my right hip is good enough for me . . . besides . . . I'm probably only half as good as he was anyways. Hiram's Rangers Badge #63
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