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In light of what amo makers want you to believe ,there`s not a round made with real HD/SD energy that`s gonna be stopped by a sheet rock wall.

With that said there are variables , the wall studs & at what angle they get hit by the projectile.

I handload & while it`s been hashed over by many ,I carry carefully inspected& assembled handloads in my 357s that run in the 1,000 fps arena .

These loads are loaded to stay under the super sonic barrier & with low flash powder ,that also burns clean (a bit of a balancing act)

If given the chance ,shoot a SD course thru a shoot house with you`re regular hearing protection & that`ll give ya an idea of the disoreinting blast of shooting a 357 mag in an inclosed area !!

My vote for HD is standard 38 spc. loads

I actually have 3 HD/SD loads , 1 for inhouse (357 runnin `bout 850fps) 2a good rnfp bullet or swc runnin 1K+ for bummin `round the woods/farm (good for shootin what needs shootin) then 3 my CWP load , same as above but with a twist ,first 3 are HPs & last 2 are swc.

Congratulations on you`re purchase of the most robust production 357 magnum DA revolver !!

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