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I know of no one who sells new frames. Seems like an odd policy and I am assuming that it has to do with some legal assumption. It certainly smells like a lawyer going for zero risk as they always do. Either that or some stupid government regulation.

I have had better luck starting with a frame and then adapting parts to fit it. In the end it is more of a PITA than it is worth to do the work to get all of the parts to work together. I do it because I enjoy it but I am prolly one of the few.

Shoot the revolver until you are no longer confident in it and then

1. Hang it on the wall.


2. Part it out. You might be surprised at what folks on eBay will pay for parts.

If that revolver is in good condition minus the frame, list the parts on eBay (Make sure you list them on eBay because you want to get into that market.) You can list the frame too but make sure you accurately describe the condition it is in and start it at a relatively low opening bid.

eBay once had the policy that they did not permit the sale of parts required to make a firearm discharge. (Or some such nonsense) I am fairly certain that policy has been either relaxed, rescinded, or ignored. There are plenty of parts for sale on eBay now, just no steel frames.

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