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I see that the .45 Ruger Redhawk is now produced only in a 4" barrel. The first time I saw a 4" Redhawk, I thought it was an aesthetically odd fit for this beefy revolver. I suppose that makes it easier to carry around but it's still a brick.
I have one and it's ideal for tent and sleeping bag security. I think I would prefer to have a 5" to 5.5" barrel on it to increase sight radius and versatility a bit in the event I have an opportunity to take a whack at a moose or caribou beyond 50yrds and a rifle is out of reach.

It is a bit of a brick, but I can live with it as I can run 32K psi loads in it and not worry about it.

The best way I've found to carry it is in a Diamond D Guides Choice chest holster. It keeps it handy and out of the way on a wheeler, snowmachine or while fishing (especially wading) or doing light work. I can carry it inside or outside my outer clothing. Just make sure you take it off or push it to the side if you are eating tacos.
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