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IMo the traditions isnt to bad for the price .
its drawback is be the lock though as the springs are normally weak .
far better then the Indian Imports , IMO .

but then the subject has two sides . On one side are those that say junk on the others are those that have found them acceptable and reliable through actually owning one

Those on the junk side normally point to one or two of the recorded failures.
But of which as far as I know , after having the barrel inspected by qualified , independent people , has basically came down to shooter error not quality of the barrel itself .
As to the barrel not being drilled ??/ Green mountian doesn’t drill flasholes nor do they install liners . In fact GM has had past problems where they felt that simply installing a heli coil to correct bad threads in their breech plugs was a good answer.
Colerain also doesn’t dill flash holes and for a time had issues with their plugs not being properly faced .

The difference is we think we know what the barrels are made from . At least the companies tell us . But then we also have to take their word for it as we have no government oversight to insure they do what they actually do .

Add into that , if we are to accept the few failures as proof , then probably we should also claim that makers like Remington , Knights and a couple others are also junk based on the failures of their guns . Which frankly far out number the failures of these imports . At least for now anyway .

But again if the import is what your liking , I would talk to someone who actually owns one . Read up on what people are saying from both sides , then make an educated decision
Like I said the one I have the locks are not what I would consider quality nor is the gun over all .
But that’s compairing them to what we today consider quality because frankly the lock are as good as many original locks made here in the US during the 19th century .
Infact as good as many of the locks found on SXS shotguns of the early 20th century
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